Relax and Live Comfy


NeckSmart™ provides modern ergonomic design to have a massager that comfortably slides onto your neck and uses TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to give you the massage you deserve.



NeckSmart™ provides only the highest quality of products, that is our company promise to you. Just look at our reviews! The NeckSmart™ Electric Massager will fulfill all of your massaging needs and provide the comfort you deserve.



NeckSmart™ is a small portable massager that is usb chargable and one that you can take anywhere! Put it in your bag and use it in various places, such as your car, the park, in bed and wherever you can think of!


The NeckSmart™ Goal

Our company goal is refresh the customers mind and body with our NeckSmart™ Electric Massager. We only sell high quality products to our high quality customers and satisfaction is guaranteed. If a customer faces any problems with our product or services we offer free 90-day returns on our product. At NeckSmart™ our goal is to satisfy our customers!

David S.

Everyday after I  come home from work I put the massager straight on. It sends a tingly but good sensation down my neck and helps me unwind after a stressful day at work. Overall the product is amazing 10/10!

Shannon R.

I am very satisfied with the neck massager. Very easy to use. It has a remote control to control it and a heat function that is super comfy. The delivery was perfectly done, everything happened in a perfectly and the quality is amazing. Using the product is extremely easy, anyone can do it. Delivery in this difficult period, took only 3 small weeks!

Patrick K.

Gifted this product to my wife after she was complaining about neck pain. It delivered in about 2 weeks and she absolutely loves it. She uses it twice a day in the morning and before bed and says it really helped out with her pain. Great product highly recommend.